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[callout font_size=”14px” style=”cherry”]If the police gave you a ticket for violating a traffic law, you may need a traffic lawyer to help you navigate through the traffic court maze.[/callout]

It is not by accident that Illinois Traffic Laws are thicker than the Criminal Code. When Traffic Attorney Vijay Sharma was a college professor, he used to tell his students that if they followed a car for only 1 mile, they would see more than one traffic violation. It is almost impossible to drive on any roadway in Illinois and not commit a traffic violation. Illinois Traffic Violations are major moneymaker for many smaller towns and villages.

Vijay Sharma’s clients trust him, because he is more than willing to tell them whether or not they need an attorney for their case.

The Law office of Vijay R. Sharma takes special care to make sure our clients will not be suspended for their violation as well as trying to minimize any fines court costs.